How to care for a bouquet of roses so they don't wither

Roses are one of the most sought after types of flowers because of their beauty.

One reason is because roses are widely used on special occasions.

It's just that, even though it's like that, there is a question that bothers many people.

There are several ways you can do to keep the roses you have fresh and not wilt quickly. These methods include an easy way to do the same as how to plant roses.

If you can't wait, here are some ways to care for roses so they don't wither that you can try yourself:

Pick Flowers in the Morning

One way to keep roses from wilting is to pay attention to how to pick them. Try not to pick roses during the day because at that time the plant is in the process of photosynthesis. Try me

picking flowers at night or in the morning when flowers are not in the process of photosynthesis. Flowers picked in the morning have a better shelf life than those picked in the afternoon.

Not only in the picking process, you should also not use rose cuttings when the plant is in the process of photosynthesis because it will affect the rate of flower development later.

Make sure your vase is clean

If you want to use a vase as a container for roses, make sure it is clean. Do not let you use a vase that is still dirty because it is feared that the vase contains bacteria or dirt that can interfere with the growth of roses and cause the roses to wither quickly. Not only vases, clean containers are also very important in how to cultivate roses in general.

Cut Flowers Correctly

Still related to point number one, in addition to picking, improper cutting methods can also affect roses to wither quickly. Usually, cutting roses is done sideways or 45o with a pointed tip.

Fill Vase With Warm Water

Water is very important for the care of roses. However, it turns out that filling a vase with warm water is better than using cold water. One reason is that warm water will help plants absorb the nutrients in the water more optimally.

Warm water is also highly recommended to find out which seeds are good or not by soaking them. This method is usually done as a way to grow black roses from seeds.

Remove the petals that have started to wither

The next way to take care of roses so they don't wither is to remove the flower petals that have started to wither. In addition to reducing the beauty of roses, withered petals can also affect other groups to wither as well. In addition to making flowers not wilt quickly, withered rose petals must also be removed if you want to plant roses with grafts.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Keeping roses out of direct sunlight is a common way of caring for flowers, so this method can also be applied to roses. But not only away from direct sunlight, keeping flowers away from heat sources is also very important to do. This is important because if you are too close to the sun or a heat source, the flowers will be exposed to heat radiation and cause them to wither faster.

Soak Dunga in water and cut the stems in water

After the flowers are picked, all you have to do immediately is soak the flowers in water. The reason is that the flowers do not lose their freshness. And if you feel the stems are too long and want to cut them back to make them shorter, do so in the water as well.

As we know, flowers can only stay fresh if their water needs are met. If the flowers are not cut right after they are cut, they will wilt more quickly due to lack of water and nutrients in the water. Not only is it important in maintaining the freshness of roses, water is also very important in the process of growing paper flowers and other flowers.

Do Stalk Cutting Every Day

It is undeniable that the stems that are submerged in water will rot over time or their water absorption capacity will decrease. For this reason, stem cutting needs to be done so that the water absorption capacity of the stem remains maximal.

One way to see if the absorption capacity of the base of the stem is not optimal is to see if the stem has blackened or not. Dark colored stems indicate that the stems have begun to rot and their water absorption capacity is reduced. This method can also be done on how to plant jasmine flowers.

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