How to care for roses so they flower quickly

Roses are known to many people, especially people who are in love as a symbol of romance.

Giving a gift of roses by a man to his female partner is like a tradition that is well known in society.

This flower is known to have a very beautiful shape and a distinctive fragrance. So many people love it. There are various types of roses that can be distinguished by their distinctive color and aroma.

How to care for roses so they flower quickly

In addition, the ease of planting and caring for roses is one of the reasons why some people cultivate them.

In this article you will get complete information on how to care for roses. So that it can flower quickly and of course not easily wither.

1. Use the Right Pot

If you do not have enough land to plant or cultivate roses, then you can use pots. How to care for roses in pots, the most important thing to know is to choose a pot.

Pots that do not have pores or water holes in the bottom will accelerate the rotting of rose plant roots. Too much standing water in the pot will cause the growth of bacteria or pests that will damage the roots of the plant. So use a pot with a hole in the bottom and made of clay. Pots made of clay have many pores in the walls so they can absorb excess water in the pot.

2. Pay Attention to Watering Techniques

Roses don't like water very much, so giving too much water can have a negative impact on the development of roses. If the rainy season, no need to do watering because it has been replaced with rain water. But pay attention to the water discharge, if there is a puddle in the pot, then keep the pot away from direct exposure to rainwater.

Meanwhile, if the dry season, then water the roses twice a day, every morning and evening. Also spray the leaves and flowers with a special spray or sprayer. This technique is done because the leaves and roses are prone to drying out so they need to be moistened.

3. Make sure to get enough sunlight

Make sure the roses get enough sunlight

This is how to care for roses so that they flower quickly, namely by providing adequate sun exposure. So place the roses in a location that is exposed to direct sunlight. But during the dry season, you should spray water on the leaves and flowers more often so they don't dry out. Or you can use some kind of sunblock to lower the temperature of the sunlight that hits the rose plant.

If you keep roses at home, you should take them out every morning, between 7 and 9 am. The goal is to provide sufficient sunlight for the rose plant. Because if you don't get enough sunlight, roses will not grow well.

4. Regular Pruning

It is undeniable that in the process of developing rose plants, there will always be parts of twigs and leaves that dry out or rot. If parts like this are still attached to the rose plant, it will spread to other parts. so the step that must be done is pruning.

Pruning is done on branches whose leaves or stems are rotting or dry. You need to pay attention regularly so that the growth of roses will be optimal. Prune using garden shears straight and neat.

5. Fertilization

All living things need nutritious food intake to get energy for their life needs, your rose plant is no exception. If the source of energy in humans is the food and drink that we usually consume daily, then the source of nutrition for plants is fertilizer and water.

Fertilization is not only given at the time of first planting the plant, but also fertilization periodically. Fertilizers that are very suitable for rose plants so as not to wither are those made from natural ingredients, one of which is manure.

Manure can be made from cow or goat manure, some chicken farmers also usually make livestock manure from chicken manure that is collected, then fermented for several days. Green manure or fertilizer made from leaf residues can also be an alternative if it is difficult to find manure.

You can also use NPK fertilizer as a variation of manure and green manure. You can give it once a month. While manure and greening can be every two weeks. NPK fertilizer is easier to obtain because it is available at various farm shops around your neighborhood.

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