How to Plant Roses Correctly

This flower is known to everyone. There are many reasons why people know this beautiful flower, but most will know because it is often used to symbolize an expression of love.

The flower petals piled on top of each other with bright colors make roses look very elegant, charming and not boring to the eye.

Although the rose that often appears in movies or as a gift is red, this flower doesn't just have one color.

Roses have a variety of colors ranging from white roses, yellow, pink, to blue.

In fact, according to wikipedia, there are more than 100 species of roses. Wow!!. Of course, the combination of shapes and colors of roses produces a very beautiful combination.

Although this rose has a fragrant aroma that is not too sharp, its beauty still has many fans.

Planting roses in the yard

Here are some tips for growing roses that you should know before planting them:

Buy seeds or rose seedlings that are suitable for your planting area.

Don't just buy seeds. Not all types of roses can grow in all climates. Also ask the seed seller if rose seeds need a special height in order to thrive.

Prepare a good planting medium.

Before planting roses, it would be nice if you have prepared a rose planting medium. Rose plants are very suitable to grow in sandy loam soil (20-30% litan content), fertile, loose, lots of organic matter, air and has good drainage.

Want to plant roses in pots/polybags or directly in your yard/yard?

Pay attention to how to plant a good rose. If only as a decoration, it is better to plant roses in pots. But if you want to plant roses in the yard directly, make sure the position is not often exposed to direct sunlight.

How to Plant Roses Correctly

Basically there are 2 ways to plant roses based on their location, namely planting roses in pots, or planting roses in polybags. but based on the type of nursery, how to grow roses can be by seeds or cuttings.

How to grow roses with seeds.

If you are a beginner and new to growing roses, we recommend using the seed technique as it is easier. You can buy the seeds at the nearest flower seed shop. The price range is between ten to twenty thousand just to get healthy rose seedlings.

After that, the next step you have to do is prepare a pot as a container or a place to plant roses. However, you can also plant them directly in your garden soil.

But for beginners I recommend using a pot to make it easier to maintain.

After the pot is ready, mix the soil with manure. the ratio is only 1:6, not too much fertilizer for young seedlings. after that the awar flower seeds are ready to be planted.

How to grow roses from cuttings.

The second way is to use the cutting technique. How to grow roses from cuttings is actually quite easy. Although easy, it takes the right technique to reduce the risk of failure later. Therefore, we will provide an accurate technique on how to cut roses so that they bloom quickly.

First, prepare the planting medium. The planting media used were soil, bran and manure with a ratio of 1:1:1. After all that is prepared then stirred until blended and put into a medium-sized polybag.

After the planting medium is ready, then determine the rose plants that will be cuttings. There are several conditions in choosing rose plants to be used as cuttings, namely choosing old plant stems and do not try to use young stems because the plants will not last long.

The characteristics of old stems can be seen in the thorns, if the thorns are black, it means the stem is old.

While the young stem thorns are still pink. The method of plant cuttings that we recommend is proven to work as long as the technique we recommend is done correctly.

The next step is to cut the stems of the old roses about an inch from the ends of the stems using scissors or a sharp knife. Cut the stems in a tapered way so that the roots grow quickly.

Next, move the stem pieces into the prepared planting medium as deep as 5-7 cm. After that, place the plant in a place exposed to direct sunlight.

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