5 Ways to Care for Good and Correct Chickens to be Healthy

There are various types of chickens that are kept by many people, ranging from laying hens to fighting chickens.

The fighting cock is a tough type of chicken when compared to other types of chicken. You need to distinguish how to care for chickens from the breed.

Caring for laying hens with fighting chickens is certainly different, although basically the same.

How to care for chickens, of course, the most important thing to note is cleanliness, both the cleanliness of the cage and the cleanliness of the chicken itself.

For those of you who need to read about how to care for a rooster, this article will discuss it in full.

Basically, everyone has their own way of caring for chickens depending on the type of chicken they have. However, this article will provide tips and tricks on how to take care of chickens in general to keep them healthy and strong:

1. Choose the right cage

If you choose to raise chickens, of course you already know that the cage must be adjusted to the age of the chicken. Prepare different cages for chicks and their mothers and for their own care is also different.

If you have chicks that have just hatched, place them in a coop with lights to keep them warm. If it is 2 months old, the chicken can be moved to its own larger coop.

2. Feed according to the type

How to care for fighting cocks from a young age needs to be considered regarding the feed given. This feed is given as a source of energy and affects the behavior and performance of chickens. The dose of feed can be adjusted according to the weight of the chicken.

The type of feed must also be adjusted to the age of the chicken. In addition, you can provide additional supplements or vitamins since the chicken is 1 month old.

3. Bathe the chickens and clean the coop regularly.

To keep your chickens clean, you need to bathe them regularly to keep them clean and free of disease. Not only bathing the chickens, you are also required to clean the cage so that there are no sources of disease that cause the chickens to fall ill.

If you ask when is the best time to bathe the chickens? Then the answer is in the morning at 8. Use clean water but not warm water and do not use soap so that the fur is not damaged.

4. Dry the chicken

Daily care for fighting cocks can be done by drying them after bathing. This dry chicken aims to dry the remaining water on the feathers and body.

The trick is to put the chicken in a round cage with a wooden base and rocks at the bottom so that the chicken is not dirty anymore.

Dry the chicken from after being bathed until 2 hours later so that sunlight containing vitamin D can enter the chicken.

5. Daily care and exercise

Daily intensive care is also required for chickens from small to 6 months and is fully carried out in the coop to prevent the loss of energy that should be for growth.

Also train chickens at the age of 6 to 7 months because they have gone through the maximum body growth process at the previous age.

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