Easy Guide to Starting a Cow Business for Beginners

Cows are livestock that are considered difficult to maintain, let alone developed as agribusiness. Expertise in raising cattle is very necessary, so it is not uncommon for livestock graduates to pursue their fields as cattle breeders.

Cows require intensive care and special attention. If not, then the cow becomes less healthy and its quality decreases. For those of you who have no knowledge at all about how to raise cattle but want to start a livestock business,

You must have intention and seriousness in this area. This seriousness is proven by adding insight on how to start a cattle farming business. In addition, by learning various tricks that can be developed when starting an agribusiness business.

Beef Processed Food and Beverage Products as Market Commodities

In the market we find many processed products of various types of food and beverage ingredients derived from cows, ranging from milk, yogurt, dry food, sausages, meatballs, and others. Processed products from cows also reach various markets in the community,

both traditional and modern markets. The demand for raw materials for cattle is increasing in the market, this is a factor that affects the development of agribusiness in the field of cattle farming, so that many people want to start a cattle farming business.

Take steps to develop a cattle business properly and correctly. If this method works, this signifies a good start for your livestock business, it can also build relationships with other cattle farmers to establish more profitable business relationships and networks.

But before that, you must understand how a team works in a business network. Do not let you lose to the team that has been built, this is a great opportunity to get success because your livestock business can be known in various places.

Set a Budget & Livestock Business Capital

If you have a plan and are serious about starting a livestock business, you must prepare a budget plan for livestock raising capital.

Don't be afraid to spend big enough because that way you can get multiple benefits from the initial budget. The budget should at least meet the needs of the first few cattle you start planting.

The start-up capital is not only a budget, but also various things that will allow you to find an initial way to open a livestock business for the first time, such as networking. Your network of friends is very important to you.

to obtain information about farms and businesses. Find your friends who have experience as cattle farmers, then exchange information about various things related to raising cattle. This information will be very useful for opening the first opportunity.

Choosing the Type of Cow

After getting information and motivation, friendship between cattle breeders has been established with trust, the budget has been met, then it's time for you to go to the next stage to choose the type of cattle you want to raise.

Cattle that are easily bred and widely used as agribusiness are beef cattle. Cows have various types, including:

1 beef ongole

Ongole cattle have characteristics, among others, white, this cow comes from India so that it is able to adapt to the tropical climate. Local breeders really like this cow, but its growth and development is quite slow, around 4-5 years, many farmers cross Ongole cattle with other types of cattle.

2 Cow Limousine

Imports come from countries with four seasons, namely Limousin cattle which are able to survive in a tropical climate like Indonesia.

3 Brahman Cows

Other imported cattle are Brahman cattle which have large body characteristics with fast meat growth. Brahman cow is the prima donna of para

cattle in Indonesia as beef cattle. Imported cattle are known as beef cattle because of their fast growth compared to local cattle.

4 Madura Cows

Madura cattle are local cattle that have red and yellow characteristics and are humped. The growth of Madura cattle is relatively slow and undergoes a long process of weight growth but is suitable for increasing profits in the cattle farming business.

5 Bali Cows

Bali cattle are easy to raise as livestock because of their good adaptability to new environments.

cultivated in Eastern Indonesia. Cattle breeders who assess the quality of beef will definitely choose this beef to be cultivated because the meat has a soft texture but is low in fat. Well, after knowing the various types of local and imported cattle

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