Here's How To Correctly Overcome Electrical Disturbances

Overcoming electrical disturbances is very important to note, because electrical disturbances often occur and go undetected.

The source of electricity is one of the basic needs and cannot be separated from human life today. This is because human electricity needs are increasing from time to time along with the development of electronics and information technology.

The electric power industry usually uses long power lines, from substations to industrial and residential, to power plants.

In the distribution of electric power, there are usually many disturbances that will cause interference with electrical equipment to consumers.

 Because in general, commercial equipment has certain specifications for voltage variations, frequency variations and harmonic distortion.

There are several things that often interfere with power lines such as voltage fluctuations, network disturbances and voltage transients, or even sudden power outages. Luckily taking care of these multiple power outages yourself is easy.

It takes several ways of proper handling, so that there is no more severe damage or even an adverse event. For that, please see how to deal with electrical interference properly below.

1. The power goes out suddenly

Power outages are common and almost every home has experienced a sudden power outage. Well maybe the electricity in your home also often experiences this.

But what action should you take when this power outage occurs? Previously, sudden power outages were also known as unannounced layoffs.

This usually occurs due to a power outage from the center or the main power source (PLN) or the power breaker (MCB) drops due to excessive load resulting in a short circuit or short circuit.

Now this electrical short circuit is usually when we use equipment that uses quite a lot of electrical power and is large at the same time.

For example, when dispensers, air conditioners, welders, refrigerators, computers, ovens and others appear simultaneously on the same power source.

So that makes the breaker (MCB) down. The way to deal with a power outage that suddenly goes out while you are working at the computer is to use a UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply.

So that when the computer turns off, the data you are working on is not lost, but it can also reduce damage or crashes to the hardware.

2. connection and frequency fluctuate

Other electrical disturbances that often occur are voltage and frequency fluctuations. Well maybe you also often experience this problem at home. But how to solve it? here's the explanation. If the power source is unstable or fluctuates, it will cause the computer power supply to overheat quickly.

For example, when the mains voltage exceeds 240 volts, which should be 220 volts, then is struck by lightning, the voltage will spike to very high levels, which can exceed 400 volts in an instant.

Or when you turn off a load that has a large capacity, it can also cause the voltage to rise instantly. So this can cause the computer to be damaged.

Now for how to overcome electrical disturbances as above, the need for a lightning rod is to look for a UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply that has surge protection.

The goal is that if you are struck by lightning suddenly, what will be damaged is the surge protector, while your computer will remain safe.

However, if the voltage drops, the computer will lag or even hang.

Due to the lack of power supply voltage. In addition, the power supply also does not experience heat, because it will draw a larger current to be able to reach the VA power supply capacity.

The cause of the decrease in electricity voltage is because the main power source or PLN does not have sufficient capacity.

So to overcome this voltage drop is to use a stabilizer or AVR or UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) which already has an AVR and surge protection.

3. Distortion (Noise)

Electrical disturbances that also often occur are distortion or noise. You may be a little unfamiliar with this term. The result of the distortion or noise is the failure of the input or output data process on the computer.

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