How to overcome a short circuit in a home electrical installation

For those of you who don't know about a short circuit, here I will explain a short circuit or it can also be called a short circuit which usually occurs because the ( - + ) in the electric current unites and causes an electric short circuit, usually if there is a short circuit in the MCB at home or the MCB in the Kwh meter drop or OFF, if you experience a hall like this do not force ON on the MCB because it will cause the MCB to become weak or in the worst case a fire can occur.

Causes of short circuits in home electrical installations

If you experience a sudden power outage and you try to turn it back on but immediately experience a blackout again, don't force it because it means there is an electrical short in our home installation which usually occurs due to a short circuit.

1. Exposed to Water

During the rainy season there was a leak in the roof and water entered our house, hitting the electrical wires and causing the – and + on the power lines to collide, resulting in a short circuit.

2. Cable is worn

For electrical installation problems, it is usually recommended for a maximum of 10 years for us to rejuvenate or revise the cable because a power cable that is too long causes our cable to wear out and can cause a short circuit.

3. Garden lights

Usually what I often encounter is a short circuit in the path of the garden light because the cable or lamp housing has been neglected for a long time and is often exposed to the heat of the rain, causing the cable to peel and get exposed to rainwater which results in an electrical short.

4. Non-standard cable

Non-standard cables can cause electrical short circuits, many people ignore cable standards for home installation because of cost or it could be because of cable price issues, but I recommend preventing it from the start and if our cables are standard it can last a long time. long time and does not make us worry if it rains because our electrical installation is safe.

5. Electronic devices

A faulty electronic device can cause an electrical short due to the damage caused by a broken cable in the device.

How to fix an electric short circuit

If you experience an electrical short circuit and don't know much about electricity, you can try doing it yourself for how to secure a temporary short circuit.

Unplug all electronic devices that are connected to the mains
Try turning on the MCb at the kwh meter or at home it's dead

If when the mcb is turned on it doesn't go down again, then you can try plugging in electronic devices one by one.

And what if one of the electronic devices that we plug in goes out again, make sure not to use it first because it will definitely cause a short circuit

Open all the lights and make sure you turn them off

If you have done the above method but are still experiencing a short circuit, it means that there is a problem with the installation network in your home, and for such a problem do not take it lightly because it is very dangerous to immediately seek an expert to fix it in your electrical installation line, and for that area. Jabodetabek has trusted online services such as which provides experts in the field of electricity.

That's my explanation about how to deal with a short circuit that occurs in our homes, the method above is only for temporary handling, if you are not very skilled in the field of electricity, don't take risks, it's better to leave it to the experts in the field, thank you for visiting my website, I hope this article is useful. .

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