How to Start a Good Cow Business for Quick Success

Many people have proven their success in raising cattle with incomes that are worth tens of millions.

You can choose the type of cow you want to raise and use as a business, whether it is beef cattle or dairy cows that produce milk. Both have good prospects and opportunities as business fields.

You just need to equip yourself with the knowledge of how to start a business properly. The right start will lead you to maximum results.

Tips for Successfully Starting a Cow Business

For a beginner, it's natural that you still feel confused about how to get started.

Don't feel ashamed or insecure because you are not alone in this, many people out there are confused too. So that you don't get confused when you start raising livestock, you can follow these tips:

1. Calculate and Determine Initial Capital

Capital is very important for any business, including livestock. You have to carefully consider how much capital is needed to start a business.

Capital is not only limited to money but also other technical matters. You can collect information related to this capital by expanding your network or joining a community of cattle farmers. From there you can add capital in the form of knowledge and expertise in the field of animal husbandry.

2. Choose the Type of Cow

Equally important is what kind of livestock you will raise. Types of livestock that are usually bred and made into a business. The types of cattle include:

Ongole cattle have the advantage of being able to adapt to the tropical climate and their development is quite slow, reaching 4-5 years.

Limousine cattle, have a fairly large size and are suitable as a type of beef cattle or beef cattle.

Brahman cattle, characterized by having a large body and relatively fast growth.

Madura cattle, although their growth is slow, they are quite profitable in terms of business.

Bali beef, quite adaptable and has a soft meat texture.

3. Prepare the Cage

If you choose a livestock business, the thing to also think about is the cage. Animals that you raise and maintain of course need a cage. Adjust the size of the cage with the number of cows to be kept. Also pay attention to the comfort factor of the cow later.

Ideally the cowshed is located at least within a radius of 10 meters from the house. Make sure the cage is easily accessible by the vehicle so that it is easier for you to sell it later.

4. Choose Superior and Good Cow Breeds

Choose superior cattle seeds so that later they can develop properly and optimally. Make sure the cow has markings on its ears and calves as proof that it is registered. This means that the cow comes from a good pedigree.

5. Provide Quality Feed

Good and superior livestock seeds will be meaningless if they are not accompanied by quality feed. The purpose of feeding livestock is to encourage rapid growth and development. That way, fat and quality cows will be produced which will have a high selling price.

6. Livestock Care

Good feeding must be supported by comprehensive livestock care. The treatment aims to prevent the arrival of diseases that can reduce the quality of the cow itself. Examples of treatment for livestock are routine vaccinations and deworming drugs.

Those are some tips for starting a cattle business so that the results are good and satisfying. Basically this cattle business can bring big profits for the perpetrators. However, it takes hard work and consistency so that this business can run optimally.

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