How to turn on a dead electricity token

This time we will tell you how to deal with electricity tokens that suddenly die. Generally, electricity tokens go out because there are several factors other than PLN itself. There are other factors that cause the token's electricity to die.

For ordinary people who do not understand about electricity tokens, it is quite confusing. Therefore, in the following we will tell you how to enable and resolve blackout tokens.

To activate a dead token, the first thing to do is not to panic and don't take any dangerous steps. It is very important to know in advance a safe way to check for dead power tokens.

How the electricity token works is easier to understand as long as it is filled with pulses, the electricity token will continue to burn. However, if the electricity pulse runs out, the electricity meter will turn off.

Before knowing how to turn on a dead electricity token, it would be nice to know the cause first. By checking first on the electricity meter token. For how to check the token of the electricity meter is problematic and turns off, as follows.

How to Check the Damaged and Dead Electricity Meter Token

1. MCB Kwh Broken

Usually the electricity meter token is off, because the Kwh MCB has been damaged. This MCB doesn't last long, it has a lifetime. Therefore you have to replace the MCB. However, you can not arbitrarily replace it. You must first contact an official PLN official to request a new Kwh MCB replacement.

2. Check the MCB Kwh Meter

If the KWH meter position is on, the MCB will remain off. Try restarting the MCB. If when turning on the MCB it turns off again, then there is a possibility that your home's electrical load is too high. To overcome this, you must reduce the electricity consumption in your home.

3. View Kwh Meter Screen

To check the electricity meter token is damaged or dead, you can look at the screen and the indicator light on the kwh meter token. If there is a power outage from PLN, all indicator lights and Kwh meter screens will turn off. However, if only the indicator is on and the screen is off, there is a possibility of being overloaded or being struck by lightning. To overcome this, you must immediately contact the nearest PLN.

4. See Neighbor's Electricity

To check the electricity meter token is damaged or dead. You can try to first check the neighbor's electricity meter is on or off. If it dies, it is certain that PLN will do the blackout. If it's on, it means that your token's electricity meter is faulty.

How to turn on a dead electricity token

1. Leave the meter on for a few seconds

If the house electricity suddenly goes out, and because the MCB switch is in the OFF position. So try to let the meter stand for a few seconds first. After that, move the MCB to the ON position.

2. MCB OFF again

If you have moved the MCB position to the ON position but returned to the OFF position. Then you have to remove all electrical loads at home, aka turn it off first. After that, just move the MCB to the ON position. To find out the electricity meter token is overloaded, you can find out with the electricity token secret code.

3. Out of Electric Credit

If the electricity pulse runs out, then you have to buy an electric pulse first. Then enter the electricity token code on your home token meter. In order not to fail in charging the electricity token, you can read how to enter the electricity token so that it does not fail.

4. Contact a PLN Authorized Technician

If you have done how to turn on the dead electricity token above. But it still doesn't turn on either. Our advice is to contact an authorized PLN technician. This is to keep from happening something that endangers your life.

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