How to Keep Squirrels for Beginners

There are too many misconceptions about squirrels and squirrels. People often think squirrels and squirrels are the same. In fact, these two species are very different.

Physical form and type of food. The mouth of a squirrel is more muzzle than that of a squirrel. Squirrels eat insects, while squirrels eat fruit or seeds. However, they both received the same treatment.

But the most important thing is to take care of a healthy squirrel. This is the first step. If you buy a healthy squirrel, you can grow it in a cage without any hassle. The characteristics of a healthy squirrel are not weak, active during the day, out of the cage with a perfect appetite and without fur.

1. Prepare a Cage for Baby Squirrels

Not like an adult squirrel. Baby squirrels are uncomfortable if placed in a cage that is too big and wide. In addition, he is very sensitive to cold air. So you have to give him a strategic place, a warm and comfortable mat, so that the baby squirrel does not freeze to death.

2. Feeding Baby Squirrels

If you have baby squirrels or squirrels. Do not feed baby squirrels with cow's milk as it can cause allergies, diarrhea and other dangerous signs. Therefore, give dog milk or cat milk for baby squirrels. In addition to milk, you can give baby squirrels soft bananas, which will speed up their growth.

3. How to feed baby squirrels?

When feeding a baby squirrel, do not put milk into the squirrel's nose. Because it can cause pneumonia. Therefore, special care should be taken when feeding baby squirrels. Use a small nipple or use a small spoon and rub gently into the baby squirrel's mouth. If you have milk in your nose, take antibiotics immediately or take them to the vet.

4. Taming a Baby Squirrel

Baby squirrels don't have to be tamed, nor do they need to be friends. Basically, all baby squirrels are calm and easy to manage. We just need to maintain the cleanliness, food intake, and comfort of the baby squirrel to adulthood. In addition, the baby squirrel does not need a bath, immediately clean and dry it. Because baby squirrels are very susceptible to colds.

How to Take Care of Adult Squirrels

There are three stages of squirrel character growth. When the baby reaches the age of 2.5 months, at that age the squirrel is still easy to care for, manage, calm, obedient, and obedient.

 Second, when teenagers are between 3 and 12 months old. At that age, squirrels come into action and retain additional energy. The third position is for adults over 1 year old. Now is the most difficult time. Adult squirrels have started to become wildflowers, and must be tamed again because their docile nature has begun to disappear.

1. Make a Squirrel Cage

Make the cage as comfortable as possible with the right width and size. Provide accessories in the form of toys, twigs, so that the squirrel is not stressed. Because squirrels like to jump here and there. Then provide a place to put food, drinks, warm blankets, pouches or shells for the squirrel to relax.

When the cage and accessories are ready. So the squirrel cage must be kept clean to avoid disease-causing bacteria. Clean the cage daily if necessary. Friends, up to 2 days. Squirrels don't like dirty places, so they can get stressed when they get dirty.

Also, place the squirrel cage in a quiet room where there are no crowds. Then keep the squirrel cage away from predators like cats, dogs, mice, snakes, etc. Don't let the squirrel encounter a predator even if the cage is locked. Because squirrels are very easy to stress and fear.

2. Squirrel Food and Drink

Feeding and drinking squirrels is not difficult. Because Squirrels like almost all kinds of fruit. Pears, papayas, bananas, etc. whereas squirrels prefer this type of insect. To increase your intake of nutrients and vitamin C, you peel an orange and open it so that it looks like a beak, making it easier for the squirrel to eat.

Apart from oranges, Hong Kong crickets and larvae are perfect for encouraging squirrel growth and increasing nutrition. For squirrel drinks, give water and goat's milk or cat's milk (KMR). Do not give cows that are normally consumed by humans. Because it contains lactose which causes squirrel diarrhea.

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