How to Make Your Own Hamster Cage

Want to start raising hamsters? Do not forget to prepare the cage properly. It's best to find out first how to make the following hamster cage

For those of you lovers of cute and funny mammals, you must have seen hamsters as pets at home, right? Hamsters are indeed one of the most adorable animals besides cats and rabbits.

At first glance this animal is very similar to a mouse, but in reality this type of animal is slightly different.

If you want to keep it, how to care for a hamster is not difficult. Provided you know a few things you should prepare before storing it. One of them is a hamster cage.

Before adopting a hamster as your pet, it's a good idea to make a hamster cage first so you don't bother when the hamster is ready.

You do not need to buy a hamster cage at a pet shop, because you can make your own hamster cage according to your wishes. You can start making hamster cages from materials that are not used at home.

Well, here PetPi will tell you how to make your own hamster cage easily and simply.

Let's find out first how to make the right hamster cage.

Cage Size Must Be Appropriate

The first thing you should consider when building a hamster cage is the right size for your hamster. If you don't pay attention, your hamster will be disturbed and stressed in its own cage. You can determine the hamster cage by how big or how many you want to keep.

Try to make a large cage, because hamsters tend to prefer large and spacious cages. For normal size hamsters 1, you should choose a cage size of at least 35 x 35 x 35 cm.

So you can make a hamster cage in the form of an aquarium from used materials in your home. Of course, if you're going to have a large number of hamsters, you'll also need a larger cage.

Don't Leave the Cage Open

How to make a simple hamster cage next is that you have to make a closed hamster cage so that there are no gaps at all. The reason is that hamsters are quite intelligent animals, so you have to close all the gaps that allow the hamster to get out of its cage.

It also closes the hamster cage tightly to prevent other animals from getting into the hamster's life.

Don't get me wrong, a closed cage doesn't mean there are no air vents. You should also make sure the air circulation in the hamster cage is good enough to prevent the hamster from being deprived of oxygen.

If you make a cage out of iron bars, it will make it easier for air to circulate through the hamster's cage.

Well, if you use a container without gaps such as an aquarium, make sure the top is open and make sure the height of the aquarium cannot be reached by the hamster so that it allows air circulation but remains safe.

Therefore, prepare the container high enough so that the hamster does not reach the gap to get out of the cage.

Give Hamsters a Mat in the Cage

In addition to the size and safety of the cage, we also need to pay attention to this aspect for the comfort of the hamster while living. Giving hamster cage mats allows hamsters to live comfortably in the cage.

Basically hamsters are rodents that like to dig and find other ways.

The material used for the hamster cage base is sawdust or sand.

That way he would often dig up the bed to bury his body in the sawdust. Because some people think that sawdust can also warm the hamster's body from the cold weather outside.

Hamster Toys

One of the reasons why your hamster cage should be spacious is so that you can place hamster toys in the cage. Some hamster toys, such as a spinning wheel, are not without benefits, they can reduce stress levels in hamsters.

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