How to take care of a rambutan tree so that it bears abundant fruit

Rambutan is a tropical fruit with a sweet and fresh taste. This bright red and hairy fruit is usually very tempting for the people of Indonesia, especially during the harvest season.

This plant is also easy to grow in the yard of the house with a narrow land. Even so, rambutan is a tree with true wood and single roots, therefore there are some simple ways that can be done to keep the rambutan tree in the yard so that it can bear fruit and not damage the building.

This article will discuss how to care for a rambutan tree so that it bears fruit in the yard of the house.

Factors Affecting Rambutan Growth

Before knowing how to care for a rambutan tree so that it bears heavy fruit, it is also necessary to know the factors that affect the growth power of the rambutan itself. There are two types of factors that need to be considered in caring for rambutan trees, namely external and internal factors.

1. External Factors

Soil is a vital factor in plant growth. Rambutan trees like loose, fertile soil with little sand. Although rambutan can grow well in all types of soil, it would be better if the soil has an acidity level of 6.65 to 5.50. If the soil in the yard is thick loam, it will be quite difficult to grow rambutan. And to overcome this, it is enough to add a little sand.

Climate is the weather conditions in which the rambutan tree is planted. The main things that affect the growth of rambutan are air temperature, average rainfall, the amount of sunlight throughout the year, as well as wind direction and speed. In general, rambutan will bear fruit in conditions of rainfall between 1500 to 2500 mm throughout the year.

And when flowering, it takes about 3 months of dry season since the flower buds appear. If the dry season lasts more than 3 months, the flowers will fall or the fruit will fall. The fix is ​​to give enough water manually.

Height of Rambutan Planting Area

Rambutan is suitable to be planted in tropical areas with wet climates. In addition, rambutan is also better if it grows at an altitude of 30 to 500 meters above sea level.

2. Internal Factors

Rambutan has various types, but the types that are in demand by the Indonesian people are Aceh rambutan and Binjai rambutan. Most rambutan farmers use the shoot grafting technique to plant rambutans because apart from being quick to bear fruit, grafted rambutans also produce the same fruit as the parent. While planting from seeds is rarely used because not all seeds will bear fruit.

How to take care of a rambutan tree so that it bears abundant fruit

After knowing the factors that affect the growth of rambutan, then the next step is how to care for the rambutan tree so that it bears fruit in the yard. There are several things that need to be considered to produce thick rambutan fruit.

1. Watering

Watering is the main thing that needs to be done to get a healthy and thick rambutan like how to care for a flowering durian tree. Water the rambutan tree at least once a day and do it in the afternoon. In addition, do not water the tree with excessive water, let alone until it is flooded. Because this can cause rot disease on the roots of the rambutan tree. If the tree soil has begun to compact, loosen it with a shovel.

2. Fertilization

Fertilizer is not really needed for rambutan trees because with water alone, rambutan trees can thrive. However, with the help of fertilizers, you can make the tree more lush, such as liquid organic fertilizer from rotting fruit or organic fertilizer from salt. The fertilizer used is NPK fertilizer made from chemical and mixed with a little manure.

3. Trimming

Pruning is a technique that can be used to thicken the fruit on a rambutan tree like how to care for a lime tree so that it bears fruit quickly. This is done with 4 kinds of pruning, which are as follows:

Light pruning: done on unproductive branches. This branch tends to be thinner and smaller than the other branches.

Moderate pruning: cutting branches that are already damaged such as broken and cracked.

Heavy pruning: best done by experienced growers as this pruning can kill the tree. This pruning is done if the fruit on the tree has been reduced by cutting old branches. Must be followed by grafting process.

Pruning shoots: breaking the shoots or shoots of leaves and twigs on the rambutan tree. This is done so that the main food reserves are only used for fertilization.

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