How to Buy a Used Car Auction at the Auction Hall

As it turns out, there are many ways to buy a used car. Because, in addition to buying it at a showroom or individual seller, you can try to find a used car at the auction hall.

Indeed, buying a used car at auction is not a common thing and people rarely do. In fact, buying a used car at auction can actually be profitable, especially in terms of price.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong if buying a used car at auction is a topic that you must recognize and study. The reason is, used cars sold at auction do have many advantages.

Moreover, many showrooms buy used cars at auction halls, because to get a large profit margin if they are sold again to individuals. If you do this, then you will benefit too.

So, it's not wrong if you are looking for a car and have a desire to own a car to try out how to buy a used car at auction which you can use as an alternative to buying a second-hand car at a relatively cheap price and according to your budget.

1. Define Auction Hall

The first way to buy a used car at auction, you have to determine which auction hall to go to to look for a second car.

Considering the selection of a used car auction, you should consider the choice of the desired car, know the schedule, and location.

There are several auction houses that you can choose from, such as the Serasi Auction Hall IBID, JBA, and Bidwin.

Next, you must know and understand the procedure for buying a used car at an auction. You can go to the hall or you can also go online.

2. Choose the car you like and check its condition

Please note that not all auction houses will provide the car you want.

If so, go to the auction hall according to the previously announced schedule. Choose the car you want in the open house. This is necessary because not all cars sold at auction are in good condition.

To find out the condition of used cars, you can look for information that will generally be published by auction vendors. This information can be used as consideration and price bargaining during the auction process.

However, it's a good idea to check the condition of the car directly to find out the actual condition of the car. You need to do this before the auction starts.

3. Don't Forget to Record the Target Car Auction Schedule

If you have already determined which car you are after, the way to buy a used car at the next auction is to look at the auction schedule held by the auction house of choice.

The reason is, the auction house will not process sales every day. They will determine the time and date of the vehicle auction. This is certainly different from the showroom which is always open all the time.

Therefore, remember and record the car auction schedule that you have set.

4. Pay Security Deposit

On the one hand, the thing that needs to be known in applying tips or how to buy a used car at auction is the issue of the security deposit.

This you need to know and understand considering that in the auction process, you must provide a certain amount of money as deposit to participate in the auction.

For the amount of this security deposit, each vendor in the auction house is different, depending on the auction house decision that you have made.

It should also be understood that if you win, the price of the car you are after will be reduced by the amount of the deposit previously submitted. However, if you lose, the money you submitted as collateral will be returned.

So, in this case, you need not worry.

Register Yourself to Participate in Used Car Auctions

The next way to buy a used car at auction is to register yourself as a step to take part in a car auction at the auction hall.

In general, the registration procedure is quite easy and simple. Usually it is necessary to attach identification and proof of security deposit.

If you are a beginner, don't worry, considering that the auction process will be directed directly by the auctioneer when bidding on the price of the car.

Generally, the initial price at a used car auction starts from Rp. 500 thousand for one lift. The auctioneer will determine the winner of the auction.

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