MPV Cars with the Best Quality and Affordable

Besides being comfortable, MPV cars also require good maintenance so that engine performance is maintained. One of the things that can be done to maintain the engine is to choose the best oil.

Mpv Mobil Oil – Indeed a car is one of the ideal modes of transportation for many people. It won't rain, it's hot, and it's comfortable to bring a lot of people to certain activities.

However, the price of a car is indeed much more expensive than a motorcycle, especially at a price that is too expensive. Indeed, motorcycles also have their own class, but even the cheapest cars are still pegged at a minimum of Rp. 60 million.

Car manufacturers are targeting various types of cars, such as the more affordable LCGC type or the MPV car series that is easy for many people to carry.

MPV cars themselves are still idols in the market and are easier to sell. Cars such as Daihatsu Xenia, Toyota Avanza, Suzuki Ertiga, to Mitsubishi Xpander are the best-selling MPV cars in Indonesia.


The price is also not cheap, but MPV cars have a very varied price range compared to other types of cars.

Even for the price of Rp. 150 million have got a series that is very suitable to accommodate families with engine specifications that are still maintained.

So it's not surprising that many choose MPV car brands as their target for the car of their choice. Besides being more affordable, what are the characteristics of MPV cars and how can they be sold in the market?

This MPV type car is an abbreviation of Multi Purpose Vehicle or multi-purpose car. In fact, the spacious trunk and the ability to disassemble the seats are the main characteristics of this car.

For those who want to drive an MPV for activities, just replace the seat, or if you have a business idea, you can market it by opening the back of the car.

This type of vehicle also tends to have a “mini-bus” (small bus) classification when viewed from its shape. It is very different from other types of cars such as the LCGC or SUV which has a car body that is quite unique.

MPV cars have indeed become idol cars that are able to meet the needs of their owners such as traveling or business. The needs are also not too fussy and cost a lot because spare parts are available in various places.

From the workload, MPV cars work more safely so they don't worry the user too much, but to maintain the quality of the machine, they still have to carry out periodic checks at the workshop.

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