Newest SUV with low fuel and maintenance

Lately, it is undeniable that SUVs have become one of the most sought after and sought after types of cars by consumers. This of course cannot be revealed from a number of advantages that SUVs have compared to other types of cars.

Therefore, looking at market conditions, it is not surprising that many automotive manufacturers, especially four-wheelers, have begun to develop their SUV products.

However, one thing that is still an important point for consumers in Indonesia is the matter of fuel efficiency. Where, the majority of Indonesian people are still looking for the most fuel efficient SUV as a priority choice.

This of course cannot be separated from fuel consumption which certainly affects the costs that must be incurred when refueling. So, now not a few who prefer fuel efficient cars, one of which is the most fuel efficient SUV.

Here below are some of the coolest types of SUV BBM that you can consider carefully. Are as follows.

1. Chevrolet Captiva

The most fuel efficient SUV that you should consider as an alternative is the Chevrolet Captiva.

The reason is, this one car is an SUV that is quite classy and is favored by some people. Of course, this cannot be separated from the advantages or advantages brought by this car made by a factory from the United States.

Among other things, such as a spacious cabin with 3 rows of seats accompanied by additional features to ensure a sense of security for its passengers.

It doesn't stop there, this SUV which is claimed to be the "Anti-mainstream Rhino" also offers very sophisticated interior features. Such as Digital AC, full screen LCD, radio, BAS and EBD brakes, Airbag Curtains, and many more,

The engine itself carries the Ecotec engine type which is able to provide access to more powerful performance and has high responsiveness. So do not be surprised if the fuel used will be used effectively.

The current price of the Chevrolet Captiva itself varies between Rp. 400 million to Rp. 500 million in Indonesia.

2. Mazda CX-3

Furthermore, another type that is included in the most fuel efficient SUV category is the Mazda CX-3 which is none other than an SUV from Japan.

This car carries a very manly and authoritative body with a luxurious impression that is so classy. This is conveyed by several advanced features on each side.

Such as LED Daytime Running Lamp technology and Auto Leveling on/off function on the front of the body.

In addition, a number of modern features are also embedded in the cabin space or interior. Call it a D player, AM/FM radio, mp3 and DVD center console, bose system with 7 speakers, bluetooth hands-free system, USB port and AUX jack.

As for the engine used in the Mazda X-3, it carries the SKYACTIV-G engine type with a capacity of 1998 cc which makes this SUV worthy of being a mainstay.

Armed with this engine, this Compact SUV is claimed to have a level of fuel consumption per liter that can be used to travel as far as 14.92 Km.

Then, in terms of the price tag, the Mazda CX-3 is claimed to be priced at IDR 399 million to IDR 445 million.

3. Renault Duster

In addition, the most fuel efficient SUV but still has reliable engine power, namely the Renault Duster.

This SUV made by the French factory does carry a very elegant and modern concept. Where, in terms of physical appearance, the skid plate bumper appears to strengthen its masculine impression.

On the other hand, this dashing car from State of Mode is also equipped with various capable and functional features. Such as the manually heated AC system, LCD touchscreen facilities, AUX in, android auto, apple carplay, voice recognition, radio, bluetooth to the seats made of deco brown fabric that are so functional.

Then, to guarantee its performance, the Renault Duster also comes with a 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1,498 cc.

Interestingly, the engine carried by the car is believed to be able to maximize power up to 5,600 rpm. Moreover, the engine is equipped with a multi-point injection fuel injection system that makes fuel consumption more efficient and economical.

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