Best Suzuki Ertiga Modification Recommendations

This car is very popular in the automotive world market, because the Ertiga is able to give the impression of a classy and exclusive luxury at a relatively low price.

For those of you who want to change the appearance of your favorite Suzuki Ertiga to be more beautiful and beautiful to look at. We have tips that will help you modify your Ertiga to make it look stunning. These tips are useful to help you so you don't go wrong in modifying this Suzuki Ertiga.

Come on, see the modification tips below.

Ertiga Modifications Look Sporty and Classy

In modifying the car, it is necessary to make changes to the exterior and interior of the front. Leave this modification to people who are experts and experienced in their fields. Modifications are not only pleasing to the eye, but also the comfort and safety of the car.

1. Suzuki Ertiga Body

You can give a touch of black that is placed on the grille, headlights and wheels. You can also use some premium stickers, to add to the aesthetic beauty of your ertiga. You can set the sticker selection according to the user's wishes. To install premium stickers, you can spend Rp. 250.000, - up to Rp. 350.000,- rupiah.

Or you can add modifications using holographic colors that can create a unique and interesting look.

2. Suzuki Ertiga wheels

In this modification of Ertiga wheels, you can add a two-tone color that is in harmony with the modern design on your Ertiga wheels. To make it look like a millennial car, you can add a large ring combined with low profile tires. After that it is necessary to add additional bodykits on the front and side bumpers, as well as the addition of side skirts.

The Ertiga has original tires measuring 185/65/R15, you can modify the wheels and the Ertiga tires go up to two sizes to 205/50/R17. With this tire it will appear tougher and will not stick to the tire fender.

3. Interior or Cabin Suzuki Ertiga

Not only the exterior, you can modify the interior by replacing the cabin seat covers with leather that will make you comfortable, choose various covers as you wish. Add other accessories to your interior, such as audio, cassette, television and more.

Those are our modification tips, let's change the appearance of your Ertiga so that it appears with a more optimal and cool performance. Modifications are made to add to the aesthetics of a car when viewed without compromising safety and comfort when used.

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