Recommended Latest Calya Modification Tips

Sales of the Toyota Calya, this seven-passenger car has quite a lot of enthusiasts. Because there are not many Calya owners in Indonesia, many Calya owners want to modify their cars to make them more pleasing to the eye.

We have recommended suitable modification tips for users to make their car look luxurious with low modification cost.

Just take a good look at the following Calya's best modification tips.

4 Important Parts That Must Be Modified In Toyota Calya

1. Toyota Calya body

In terms of the body on the Toyota Calya, many users choose to modify the Toyota Calya by using stickers on the body. For the installation of stickers, it should not be careless, because it will damage your Calya body. Therefore, leave your Toyota Calya sticker modification to someone who is an expert in that field. The price required for this sticker design is also cheap, only in the range of 150 thousand to 400 thousand.

The sticker design can be adjusted according to taste, as long as it is not excessive so as not to damage the aesthetics of this car. You can also add chrome panels to the front grille, rear garnish, or headlight mica area to make it look sporty and pleasing to the eye.

2. Toyota Calya wheels

For completeness of wheels, Toyota Calya itself is equipped with 14-inch alloy wheels. The recommended wheel replacement limit is 16 inches so as not to damage the car's suspension system.

You can also modify the wheels of your Calya car by changing the color of the wheels, for example using rubber spray paint so that they can be replaced with other colors if you are bored without damaging the wheels.

3. Toyota Calya accessories

Fog lights can be accessories to beautify the exterior of your Calya. If you want your modified Calya to have a sporty impression, you can install a rear spoiler at the back of the car. Rear spoilers are sold in various models and prices also vary.

4. Interior or Cabin Toyota Calya

You can also modify the Toyota Calya in the cabin area by installing a seat cover or seat. Use synthetic leather with colors and models that can be adjusted to your taste.

You can also modify it by replacing the standard car window film, but you need to pay attention to the quality of the window film to be installed. Make sure the installation of the window film is carried out by a professional technician so that the installation of the window film is neat and precise.

So that's our modification tips, excessive modifications will actually damage your Toyota Calya parts. Therefore, leave it to the experts or professionals in their fields, so that your car looks beautiful too.

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