How to Iron a Suit Easily and Correctly

Did you know that ironing clothes, especially suits, has a special method. Well, in this article we will share information on how to iron a suit properly. Especially for men, so you can iron your own suit without having to bother going to the laundry or asking your wife for help at home.

How to Iron a Suit Correctly

1. Setting Up the Tool

Before starting ironing, you must prepare the tool first. The tools you'll need here are a working iron, a sprayer filled with distilled water (if your iron doesn't have an automatic sprayer), an ironing board, and a clean cloth or square handkerchief.

Make sure the aluminum part of your iron is clean of dirt or smudges. Dirt and stains on the iron can stick to the coat and spoil the color of your coat. So, try cleaning the iron if there are stains on the heat conductor.

Oh yes, suits are usually made of wool or cotton which if exposed to a hot iron can leave deposits on the jacket. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you use a clean cloth or handkerchief when ironing so that there are no deposits and it doesn't burn quickly.

The use of distilled water also has its own advantages. If you use plain water, the potential for deposits that can damage your coat is greater than using distilled or filtered water first.

 2. Make sure the settings are clean

Apart from ironing, you should also make sure that the suit to be ironed is also free of smudges or dirt. Ironing clothes, whether shirts, bed linen, or coats that have stains on them can make stains even more difficult to remove. So, try to clean or wash a stained coat before ironing it.

In addition to using distilled water, to get the best results from ironing a suit is to expose your coat to steam and keep it moist. You can hang your coat in the shower and then expose it to the hot steam you use when you shower.

3. Adjust Iron Heat

Once you have all the tools and make sure your coat is clean, you can start ironing your coat. But before that, make sure you have set or adjusted the temperature of the iron to the material of your suit. For a suit made of wool, you can use a low to medium temperature.

For suits made of cotton and linen you can use the highest temperature level and for suits made of synthetic fabrics you can use the lowest temperature. Well, first know the material of your suit fabric before ironing and adjust the iron's heat so as not to damage the suit. Usually the fabric used is listed on the label on the suit.

4. Use the Pressing Method

To iron a suit, try not to use the common method, namely by sliding the iron on the fabric. Moving the iron by sliding it will leave a shiny stain on the fabric. So, use the pressing method, namely by pressing the iron to the part of the cloth that has been covered with a handkerchief or clean cloth earlier. Press several times until the ironed part is neat.

5. Iron the Back

Next, you can start ironing the back or back of the jacket. Trim the coat first so it doesn't wrinkle, then place a clean cloth or handkerchief over the area you want to press with the iron. Then press the part with the iron slowly.

6. Ironing the Front of the Suit

Once the back is done, turn the coat over and start ironing the front. Just like ironing the back, place the fabric where you want it to be ironed, then press the area gently with the iron. Avoid pressing the setting with the iron too hard.

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