How to Remove Paint on Hands Effectively

You need to know how to remove paint from your hands to avoid this problem.

Painting is an activity that must be done carefully and thoroughly to avoid various problems, such as spilled paint.

Spilled paint on the floor or hands can be very annoying. Especially in the hand, because removing it is not as easy as you might think. There are several ways you can follow to effectively remove paint stains from your hands.


Paints can be distinguished from their basic ingredients, there are watercolors and oil paints. Cleaning stains because oil paint won't be as easy as cleaning stains from water-based paint. If it is installed it will take extra effort to clean it. What you can do is clean it in the following way.

1. Using Alcohol

Alcohol is quite effective at removing various kinds of stains caused by all types of paint. To use alcohol properly, follow these steps:

Gently clean the stained skin with a mixture of water and soap. With the aim of reducing some of the clumps of paint stains.

Rub your skin with alcohol. Alcohol can effectively and effectively remove stains from any paint.

Help clean it by gently scrubbing the skin to gently lift the paint stain off the skin.

When you're done, rinse your hands with soap and water to keep them clean.


2. Vegetable Oil or Cooking Oil

Clean your hands by gently washing the affected skin with warm water and liquid soap.

Use cooking oil or vegetable oil to clean paint stains. Gently rub it on your skin until the paint stain is gone.

Also, use a salt scrub to remove blemishes more effectively.

When finished, don't forget to rinse the skin again until clean.

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3. Liquid Hand Soap

You can use liquid hand soap as a way to remove paint stains. The method is as follows:

Rub the soap into the stained skin until it lathers.

Use soap with a hand tool or cloth to be more effective.

Rub with a little force until the paint stains start to disappear from your hands

Repeat this method until the paint stain is completely gone.

Rinse with clean water


4. Peanut Butter

Not only as a food ingredient, peanut butter can also be a cleaning agent. To use it properly, do the following:

Apply peanut butter on your paint-stained skin.

Gently rub until the paint stain is gone.

Wash your hands again when finished with clean water.

5. Eucalyptus Oil

It turns out that the content in eucalyptus oil is powerful enough to remove paint stains. You can easily find this material in various places. The application method is:

Clean your hands gently with water on the affected skin

Use eucalyptus oil by gently rubbing it on the skin until the paint stain is gone.

Rub vigorously, but not too hard

When finished, don't forget to rinse the skin again until clean.

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