How to Smooth Clothes Without Ironing

Have you ever been traveling and your clothes were neatly packed, but when you opened your suitcase it looked wrinkled? Want to iron but don't have an iron?

You must be very upset about your wrinkled clothes. Don't worry, this article will help you deal with wrinkled clothes without needing to iron them.

Below are tips or alternative options for removing creases from your clothes. Can be used to smooth clothes and remove wrinkles with a light crease rate.

Use Hair Dryer

Hearing the word hair dryer is synonymous with a tool that is often used to dry hair. But apart from drying your hair, this hair dryer can also smooth out wrinkled clothes.

How to? That is by first wetting the wrinkled clothes and then drying them with the help of a hair dryer. Dry your clothes until they are completely dry and slick. You can also occasionally tidy clothes by hand.

Use Towel

Towels do not only serve to dry the body after bathing. Towels can also be used to help tidy up wrinkled clothes.

The trick is to soak a towel in a container of hot water. After soaking, wring the towel with both hands until it is completely dry and there is no water remaining.

If there is no water remaining, rub the towel over the wrinkled surface for about ten minutes. Then ventilate your clothes by hanging them.

Use Hair Straightener

Hair straighteners are not only for making hair look straight, you know! A vise can also be used to smooth out wrinkled clothes. The method is almost the same as straightening hair.

That is, wait for it to heat up and then rub it gently on your wrinkled clothes. The important thing to note is, don't let the hair straightener burn your clothes!

In addition to hanging clothes, hangers or hangers can also be used to smooth your wrinkled clothes. The trick is to spray a little water on the wrinkled surface of the shirt and then hang it using a hanger.

Once hung, remove your clothes and dry for an hour.

If you cook hot water to brew tea or coffee. You can bring the surface of your wrinkled clothes closer to the edge of the steamer or kettle.

Wait a few minutes until the wrinkles on your clothes slowly disappear. This method is quite effective for smoothing clothes with lightweight materials.

Roll Up Clothes

If you can't find the above tools, you can apply this method as a last resort. That is, fold your clothes slowly and then roll them slowly. You have to make sure carefully that your clothes are rolled up perfectly.

The perfect roll works to avoid adding wrinkles to clothes. If so, place the roll of clothes under something heavy like a wardrobe or mattress for an hour.

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