Recipes and How to Make Soy Milk

Soy milk is a drink made from soybeans and then served, why is it called milk? Because almost the same as milk in general.

This drink is very suitable to be served hot / warm and is very suitable to be drunk in the morning. This milk can also be a breakthrough for mothers whose children are allergic to cow's milk.

Slightly different from cow's milk, because soy milk has a thicker texture and a distinctive aroma than soy. However, this soy milk really has good nutritional value for the body and brain. For that I will give a recipe how to make it not durable and long lasting.


Wash the soybeans, then soak for 7 hours after that knead like washing rice, so that the soybean skin peels off. do it until it's completely clean.


Give just enough water, because it will be squeezed 2 times. If it is in the blender, prepare a clean cloth and strain. Then grind the soybeans into a cloth that is squeezed over a sieve. do this step 2x.


Boil soy milk, add pandan leaves. To boil it while stirring, when it is cooked turn off the stove and remove the pandan leaves so they don't turn green later. Add a little salt while stirring. Soy milk is ready to serve

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