Causes of Low Value Adsense Content

Getting accepted by Google Adsense is every blogger's dream. But there are so many obstacles when submitting an application to be accepted by Google Adsense, many bloggers are rejected.

Causes of Low Value Adsense Content

The reason for rejection is because the blog is Low Value Content. And many are disappointed to be rejected for this reason.

Actually this problem is quite easy to solve. Before going to the stage of how to solve it. First you have to know what is low value content adsense

What is Adsense Low Value Content?

If interpreted as Indonesian, Low Value Content is content that has a low value. This is one of Google's indications that blog content does not yet have a high value for visitors/readers.

In order not to be confused, let me make an analogy, a blog will be successful because its content has value (quality), there are benefits for its readers.

Google Adsense is an online advertising service. So they choose high value blogs or websites to collaborate and display their ads on those blogs or websites.

So what do you think, it's clear what adsense low value content is. Now we get to the causes of the low value of adsense content.

What Causes Low Value Adsense Content?

There are several reasons for the occurrence of Low Value Content that makes your application for cooperation with Adsense rejected.

The following are the causes of low value content that you must fix, including:

1. The amount of content is still small

The first cause of Low Value Content is the small amount of content. This is the most common cause, because many new bloggers register their blogs directly to Google Adsense.

Still 3 days he became a blogger eh already directly register for adsense. Yes, you know how bloggers who are still 3 days old, at least the content is only 4 or 5 articles. Eh even ventured to sign up for Google Adsense.

Yes, obviously, Google Adsense refuses on the grounds of Low Value Content.

2. Blog Not Listed on Google Search Console

The blog is not listed in Google Search Console, which makes indexing the blog difficult.

This means that here your blog already exists, the article already exists, but you have not been indexed by Google so that it cannot be searched by visitors or readers.

3. The number of visitors is still small

The small number of visitors is one of the causes of the Low Value Content problem in Google Adsense rejection.

Yes, how can there be visitors, if your blog is not listed in Google Search Console. Please register first!!!!

4. Duplicate Content Detected (Copy-Paste)

If you want to create content/articles, create your own (original) work. Do not imitate others directly by copying and pasting.

Even if you copy and paste other people's articles, include the source below, hehehe

5. Less Interesting Blog Topics

The last cause is the topic of your blog is less interesting. The point here is a blog that has a lot of visitors is an interesting blog.

So before deciding to create a blog, first think about interesting blog topics for you to discuss.

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