Experience How to Overcome Adsense Low Value Content

For beginner bloggers or webmasters whose sites already have quite a lot of content, they must be thinking how to make money from their own website? One option is to become a Google Adsense publisher.

By becoming a Google Adsense publisher, our site will be allowed to display ads. If the ads that appear on our blog there are clicks, then we will get earnings or pay. Therefore Adsense based on CPC.

There are many factors involved in the cost per click of an ad, the most basic of which are the niche or category of the website/blog and CTR aka Click Through Rate.

The higher the CTR, the higher the CPC (Cost Per Click) ads on your website.

Back again to the main topic, namely the rejection of Adsense "Low value content" aka low quality content. What actually causes this to happen. Here I summarize some that I quote from several bloggers.

Causes of Low-Rated Content, Disapprovals Keep Annoying

Disclaimer first, yes, the cause here is not from the official Google Adsense statement, but from the experience of several bloggers who have experienced it, including myself.

The amount of content is still too little, I assume the number of your blog articles is under 20

The number of words in each article is too few, I assume less than 500 words

Difficult site navigation

There are no supporting pages, the most important thing is About, Sitemap/Table of Contents, Disclaimer

Your website/blog is not fully indexed

Website age is still under 2 weeks, maximum above 2 weeks

The number of visitors is too small, 50 visitors and above is certainly better

From my personal experience when applying to Google Adsense for this site, but the results from the first time

registering from April to July is always rejected due to low value content.

Eight times my blog was rejected for that reason. The first thing I did, of course, was to review what was lacking from my personal blog. I've also read a tutorial on how to overcome Google Adsense rejection of low-quality content on other blogs.

However, my efforts were fruitless. Finally I decided to do my own experiment and as a result I got an email from Adsense no-reply like this..

Exactly today my blog andhikayp.com was accepted by Google Adsense after almost 4 months of applying to become a publisher, it was rejected 8 times, and 9 of these have just been accepted.

Okay, now you believe that if you have been rejected by GA several times and finally my blog is accepted? If so, I will share my experience on how to solve it, check below.

How to Overcome Low Value Adsense Content According to Experience

1. Make sure the blog is registered in Google Search Console

This is very important. Even though your blog is already indexed on Google, but the site is not verified on the GSC, making Google speculate that it is not your site. Register because it is not something that is a hassle.

2. Keep updating create new content

Back again to your original goal of creating a website / blog. If you really want to be listed on Google Adsense, you will always update new articles.

Since my main purpose for creating this blog is to share my blogging and SEO experiences, every time I get an Adsense rejection email, I feel a little desperate and lazy to create new content.

However, curiosity to find out the cause of the low Adsense value and how to overcome it made me decide to update articles with other categories more often. Not just sharing experiences.

3. Create articles with a minimum number of 800 words

Every article I write for this blog I think carefully starting from the topic, main keywords, supporting keywords obtained through keyword research, making supporting images, internal link schemes, and the necessary data.

With such specifications, it is not surprising that the articles I write always say that they are always above 800. Even my article that discusses "Free financial management applications" has almost touched 6000 words.

The number of HTML DOM (Document Object Model) is almost 2000 due to the length of the article. You don't need to spend thousands of words, a minimum of 800 words is enough so that Google doesn't classify your article as thin content.

4. Create About, Table of Contents and Disclaimer pages

So, on the About page, provide your email or social media contacts. If you want to be more professional, create a separate Contact page.

5. Remove label pages from search engines

Actually, you don't need to manually remove labels in GSC, you can also use robots.txt.

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