How to get used to cows want to eat concentrate

One of the goals of the fermentation process in forage feeds such as grass and hay is to remove toxins present in feed ingredients, while increasing the nutrients contained in them.

This feed is very good given to livestock, especially if it is supported by additional feed in the form of concentrate. Therefore, breeders must prepare cows so that cows eat concentrates and get used to eating concentrates.

Cows accustomed to grazing will have the senses to distinguish bad grass from impossible, but once penned, they will eat whatever the cattle give them. So that the selection process must be carried out by the breeders, so that the cows are protected from poisoning.

So that Cows Eat Concentrate

Usually farmers will spray insecticide when there is a pest attack. However, this spraying is usually done when the rice grains have just grown and there is still a month or more to harvest and this will reduce the concentration of residual toxins that have been sprayed. So, breeders do not need to worry about grass that will be used as feed ingredients that contain toxins.

Farmers will not spray their crops before the harvest season arrives because it will endanger their rice or grain yields. But what often happens is poisoning that occurs when cows eat grass around rice or are sprayed with grass. Even that only occurs in small ruminant animals.

While in concentrate feed, there are no ingredients that will poison cows. The order of the concentrate layers is determined based on the most widely used amount. The position in the lower layer is a source of fiber, then bran, cake, and tofu dregs.

Then, it is followed by the least used ingredients such as salt. The composition continues to be sorted layer by layer, so that when stirred the feed concentrate ingredients will be mixed perfectly and evenly.

The way to get cows to eat concentrates must be forced, so that cows are willing and accustomed to consuming concentrates. However, to avoid cases of stress cows due to adaptation to new feeds, the forcing process must be carried out slowly. Train the cows day after day by cleaning the feed bin thoroughly every morning and placing a handful of concentrate feed there.

Wait until noon, if the concentrate is not eaten at all by the cows, replace it with grass. Repeat this process for the cow to eat concentrate every day until the cow is used to eating concentrate. With a process like this, cows can drop or experience a weight difference of 1-2. However, farmers do not need to worry because if they are used to eating concentrate, the cows will experience recovery or improvement in their condition.

Over time, as the cows get used to the concentrate feed, the forage or grass composition will decrease little by little and the concentrate composition will increase. This concentrate is very good for growing cows and is unlikely to poison cows even though it is made using expired milk.

This is because the digestive process of ruminants occurs through several stages, namely through four stomachs. So, expired milk is also safe to use as a source of minerals for cow feed.

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