Tips for raising cows so they like to eat concentrate

So far, some traditional cattle breeders think that animal feed is forage, so that cows are not used for concentrated feed.

To achieve the target of body weight gain, cows need adequate nutritional intake, both crude protein, fiber, fat, energy, salt and minerals.

For novice breeders of beef cattle who have just brought in cattle, they often have difficulty in feeding concentrates, because the newly reared cows are not used to consuming concentrates. Here are tips for raising cows so they like to eat concentrates

1. In the morning the cows are usually hungry, it's better to give a little concentrate first, then sprinkle with polar or bran. Usually the cows only lick the bran or polar, but when they lick the cows they eat a little concentrate. Then during the day given new forage.

2. The next day is the same, the amount of concentrate is slightly increased from the previous day, the amount of forage is slightly reduced from the usual day, so the cows are still hungry, so the cows have to eat concentrate, little by little.

3. The next day the amount of concentrate is added, over time the cows will get used to eating concentrate. You'll also need to sprinkle molasses over the concentrate, as cows like it sweet.

4. The amount of concentrate given should be about 2% of body weight, and forage about 10% of body weight, for each day. Good luck.

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