How to Make Original Cassava Chips

Love snacks? You definitely know Cassava Chips right? This cassava dish is one of the most popular and favorite snacks in Indonesia. The texture is crunchy and the sensation is addictive.

Cassava chips are usually served with a variety of flavors. There are spicy, balado, BBQ, or original. Most people like the original or salty version. 

we will provide info on how to make original cassava chips. The materials and methods are difficult. In addition, homemade is certainly healthier and more economical than buying.

These original cassava chips can also be friends for your WFH activities at home. Isn't it enough to work at home without a good snack?

Instead of lingering, let's look at the full review of how to make the following original cassava chips!

Original Cassava Chips Recipe Ingredients

1 kg of cassava

3 tablespoons salt

1 basin of water

1 container of hot water

cooking oil

Recipe How to Make Original Cassava Chips

Prepare the cassava, peel the cassava, scrape the outside so that the texture becomes more crispy.

Wash the peeled cassava with clean running water.

Slice the cleaned cassava using a knife.

Enter the cassava part into a basin filled with water little by little. do it until the cassava runs out.

If so, wash and drain.

Put the cassava part into a container of hot water. Add fine salt, soak and wait for 30 minutes until the water is cold.

Drain the cassava pieces until coarse and slightly dry.

Prepare a frying pan, place it on the stove, oil burner, and heat it.

Put the cassava in a saucepan and cook on high heat.

When it looks a little dry, turn the heat to medium. Cook until the edges are crisp.

If it is cooked, remove and drain. Wait until it cools down.

Put it in a closed jar/container.

Original Cassava Chips are ready to be served.

It turns out that's how to make real cassava chips. The ingredients and steps are simple. Just practice at home.

This snack is perfect for WFH friends or snacks when with family at home. guaranteed that your event at home will not be lonely with this authentic cassava chip experience.

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